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      1. +86 532 8281 2277
        Current: Products> Medical protection >Infrared thermometer >Non contact forehead infrared thermometer
        Non contact forehead infrared thermometer
        Quick Details
        Packaging & Delivery
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        Product Description

        1.Modelo HP3010

        2.Precise non.contact measurements

        3.Measuring Distance: 5cm

        4.User selectable oC.F

        5.Selectable body and surface temp

        6.Memorization of the last 32 measurements

        7.Automatic Date Hold& Auto power 011

        8.Automatic selection range and Display Resolution

        0.1 0 C(0. 1F)

        9.Weight: 90g

        10.M achine Size:9x4.5x14.7cm

        11.Packing Volume: 54x37x27cm(40pcs/ctn)

        infrared thermometer    non contact thermometer


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