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        Current: Products> Medical protection >FACE MASK >N95 Face Mask
        N95 Face Mask
        Quick Details
        Packaging & Delivery
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        • Standard Export Packing
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        • Please consult sales staff
        Product Description

        Size: Standard (132x115x47mm), Large (140x125x52mm);

        Specification: 3-plys, PP spunbond outer layer,PP meltblown high filtration layer, PP needle-punched nonwoven inner layer;

        Type: Dust Mask;

                  Dust Mask with Valve;

                  Active Carbon Dust Mask;

                  Active Carbon Dust Mask with Valve;

        Packaging: 20pc/box, 20box/carton

        - Contour Fit Design;

        - Adjustable Nosepiece;

        - Comfortable Nose Foam;

        - Easy Breathing / Speaking;

        n95 dust face mask   virus protection



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