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        Current: Products> Medical Consumbles >Medical dressings & Bandages >Medical Adhesive Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing
        Medical Adhesive Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing
        Quick Details
        • Properties:
        • Medical Adhesive & Suture Material
        • Type:
        • Medical Adhesive
        • Place of Origin:
        • Shandong, China
        • Brand Name:
        • OEM, Hiprove
        • Model Number:
        • HPL-HWD
        • Instrument classification:
        • Class I
        • Product name:
        • Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing
        • Material:
        • CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) hydrophilic granules
        • Size:
        • 5x5cm - 20x20cm
        • Color:
        • Skin
        • Certificate:
        • CE/ISO13485
        • Packing:
        • 10pc/box, 50pc/box
        • Sterile:
        • EO Gas
        Packaging & Delivery
        • Packaging Details:
        • individual package, 5pc/box, 10pc/box, 20pc/box, 50pc/box, carton package
        • Delivery Time:
        • Shipped in 20 days after payment
        Product Description
        Hydrocolloid wound dressing is a kind of elastic dressing, made of medical hot-melt adhesive with CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) hydrophilic granules.


        Material: CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) hydrophilic granules;

        Type: With thin border, foot healing, For sacrococcyx, ultrathin, Fix nasal catheter.

        Size: 5x5cm, 7.5x7.5cm, 8x12cm, 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 15x18cm, 15x20cm, 20x20cm;

                 2.1x6.1cm, 2.6x7.8cm, 2.7x8.5cm, 3.2x9cm, 3.9x9.1cm (Fix nasal catheter);

        Packaging: 5pc/box, 10pc/box, 20pc/box, 50pc/box, carton package.



        1.     Excellent absorption capability.

        2.     Keep the wound a moist environment, accelerate wound healing process, effectively reduce pains and wound care frequency.

        3.     Waterproof, air permit, keep the wound from outer contamination.

        4.     Self-adhesive and with suitable elastic, comfortable to wear.

        5.     Please change the dressing when it turns white.

        6.     Easy to move off, and no adhesive with wound, so effectively reduce the possible damage and pains.

        7.     Various sizes and shapes valid.


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