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      1. +86 532 8281 2277
        Current: Products> Medical Consumbles >Drainage & Irrigation >Latex Foley Catheter
        Latex Foley Catheter
        Quick Details
        • Place of Origin:
        • Shandong, China (Mainland)
        • Brand Name:
        • Hiprove
        • Model Number:
        • HP-WL-012
        • Specification:
        • one way,two way,three way
        • size:
        • Fr6-Fr26
        • OEM:
        • Avaliable
        • Certificate:
        • CE,ISO,FSC
        • Ballon:
        • 1cc,2cc,3cc,5c,,10cc,15cc,30cc
        Packaging & Delivery
        • Packaging Details:
        • 1pcs/pouch, 500pcs/ctn
        • Delivery Time:
        • within 30 days
        Product Description

        1.Made of natural latex material
        2.Specification: one-way, two-way, three way is available
        3.Length:25-27cm(children and female) 40cm (male)
        4.Supplied sterile in individual peelable polybag or blister pack
        5.Sterile, sterile by ethylene oxide gas

        2-way Pediatric

        Ref.No Size Balloon
        HP9301 6Fr/Ch 3-5cc 250mm
        HP9302 8Fr/Ch 3-5cc 250mm
        HP9303 10Fr/Ch 3-5cc 250mm

        2-way Standard

        Ref. No Size Balloon
        HP9401 12Fr/Ch 5-10/30 400mm
        HP9402 14Fr/Ch 5-10/30/30-50cc 400mm
        HP9403 16Fr/Ch 5-10/30/30-50cc 400mm
        HP9404 18Fr/Ch 5-10/30/30-50cc 400mm
        HP9405 20Fr/Ch 5-10/30/30-50cc 400mm
        HP9406 22Fr/Ch 5-10/30/30-50cc 400mm
        HP9407 24Fr/Ch 5-10/30/30-50cc 400mm
        HP9408 26Fr/Ch 5-10/30/30-50cc 400mm

         3-way Standard

        Ref. No Size Balloon
        HP9501 16Fr/Ch 30-50cc 400mm
        HP9502 18Fr/Ch 30-50cc 400mm
        HP9503 20Fr/Ch 30-50cc 400mm
        HP9504 22Fr/Ch 30-50cc 400mm
        HP9505 24Fr/Ch 30-50cc 400mm
        HP9506 26Fr/Ch 30-50cc 400mm

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