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        Current: Products> Laboratory Consumbles > >Mini lab centrifuge
        Mini lab centrifuge
        Quick Details
        • Classification:
        • Laboratory Centrifuge
        • Brand Name:
        • Dragon lab
        • Model Number:
        • D1008-AN
        • Place of Origin:
        • Beijing, China (Mainland)
        • Max speed:
        • 7000r/min
        • Max RCF:
        • 2680xg
        • Dimension(LxWxH):
        • 160X170X122mm
        • Weight:
        • 0.5kg
        • Power:
        • AC 110-240V/50HZ/60HZ 20W
        • Motor:
        • DC Motor
        • Rator Capacity:
        • 0.2/0.5/1.5/2.0mlX8 ;0.2mlX16PCR strips or 0.2mlX2PCR 8strips
        • Certificate:
        • CE FCC MCA
        Packaging & Delivery
        • Packaging Details:
        • Export Carton
        • Delivery Time:
        • 1 week
        Product Description

        Dragonlab  D1008 EZeeMini Centrifuge

        Palm micro centrifuges are ideal for microfiltration and quick spin downs from the walls and caps of microcentrifuge tubes. The compact design takes up less than six inches of bench space. Easy open clear clolored lids are available in four colors. Simply close the lid for acceleration and open the lid for deceleration, or alternatively use the on/off switch to control.


        • Ideal for microfiltration and quick spin-downs
        • Easy-to-use with dual start/stop function
        • 7000rpm fixed speed (D1008)
        • Equipped with 2mL x 8 and PCR8 x 2 rotors
        • Quiet running, noise level ≤45 dB
        • Rotor change without tools
        • Accelerates and brakes in seconds
        • Four colors with green, blue, yellow and pink
        • Multi-voltage

        • Size 150×150×117mm , G.W 0.5kg

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